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Scheduling for Sales Teams

Use TimeZest to standardize the scheduling experience and simplify multi-department collaboration.

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This article is a guide for sales teams to easily implement TimeZest into their processes and simplify multi-department collaboration.

In this article:

If your TimeZest system is not already integrated with Microsoft 365, we recommend taking the time to do so now. Go to Microsoft 365 integration.

The Microsoft 365 integration is only available on our Professional Plan.

For more information: Scheduling with Office 365

Defining a user's primary calendar

In-app go to: Users > Configure > Calendars

When a user uses ConnectWise PSA / Autotask as their primary calendar

Ensure their calendar settings are to Read and write to your PSA. For added assurance against double-booking integrate Microsoft 365 and toggle on to Read their Outlook calendar.

The benefit of scheduling directly from a ticket is the capability to use TimeZest's built-in Pod/Insight. This allows the use of ad-hoc customization and scheduling parameters. Such as inviting guests to join the meeting, defining a window of scheduling options, and changing the duration of the meeting from the defaulted settings of the Appointment Type.

When a user uses Microsoft 365 as their primary calendar

Toggle the user's calendar settings to read & write to Microsoft 365. If they have a PSA license and calendar, enable TimeZest to read their PSA calendar to reduce issues with double-booking.

Sales teams who work directly out of their Microsoft calendars will need to use Shareable URLs to schedule appointments. These are set up and located within the individual Appointment Types. Click here to learn more about Shareable URLs.

Appointment Type Opportunity Settings

To optimize an Appointment Type for sales needs, Workflow mode will be used.

In-app go to: Appointment Type > + New Appointment Type

To begin:

  1. Create a new Appointment Type

  2. Toggle on Workflow mode.

    For more information: Introduction to Workflows

Create an Opportunity Action

  1. Locate When the client schedules their appointment trigger

    1. Add action Find or create an opportunity in ConnectWise PSA/ Autotask.

  2. Edit action with necessary options for your organization.

Create a Service Ticket Action

  1. Add action: Create a ConnectWise PSA service ticket or Create an Autotask service ticket.

    1. It is common to have both a ticket and opportunity created for sales so that the opportunity may be used with the sales funnel for forecasting and the associated ticket can be used to track time, if needed.

  2. Edit action with necessary options to support the sales process on a designated Sales board (for ConnectWise).

For more information:

Create Activity/ To Do & Create Microsoft 365 event

  1. Add action: Create an Activity in ConnectWise PSA or Create a company to-do in Autotask.

    1. This allows either the Activity in ConnectWise PSA or to-do in Autotask to be correlated with the Opportunity.

  2. Add action: Create a Microsoft 365 event

    1. This is necessary in order to create appointments for users who have Microsoft 365 as their primary calendar.

For more information:

Replace the Send Confirmation Email with Send Email Action.

  1. Delete action: Send an email to the client and any invited guests using the Default Confirmation Email template.

  2. Add action: Send Email

    1. Edit the email verbiage to refer to the upcoming appointment. This is helpful to personalize emails for a better customer experience, establish expectations, and provide an appropriate tone for the Appointment Type.

For more information: Starting with the new Email Editor

Use the Shareable URL or Personal Page

  1. Copy the Shareable URL at the top of the Appointment Type page to provide to your contacts for scheduling.

For more information: Shareable URLs

2. Set up Personal Pages to provide multiple Appointment Type options.

Users > Configure > Personal Page

For more information: Personal / Team Pages

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or at [email protected].

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