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Action: Create an Autotask Service Ticket
Action: Create an Autotask Service Ticket

A workflow action to create a new Service Ticket in Autotask

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The Create a service ticket in Autotask action creates a service ticket in Autotask. It can be configured to create a service ticket only when one isn't associated with the scheduling request - for example, when scheduling with a shareable URL, or to always create one - for example, to create a follow-up ticket after an appointment.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to Autotask.

Configuration Options

This action can be configured with the following options:

The creation mode setting controls whether TimeZest always creates a new service ticket, or only creates one when there isn't one associated with the service ticket. The expected use case for the "only create when one isn't associated" is for shareable URLs, where appointment types may need to have a ticket created. A possible use case for the "always create" mode is to create follow-up service tickets after an appointment.

The summary setting controls the title that TimeZest will use for the newly created ticket. This can be configured to either ask the client for a value when scheduling, or use a predetermined format.

The queue dropdown controls the queue that TimeZest will create the new service ticket in.

The priority and status dropdowns control the priority and status of the new service ticket.

The category dropdown controls the ticket category that TimeZest will use when creating the new service ticket.

The ticket type controls the type of the new service ticket.

When TimeZest successfully creates a new ticket, it will associate that ticket with the scheduling request. Creating a ticket in Autotask requires a contact, so this action will fail if there is not a contact associated with the scheduling request. For shareable URL use, this involves adding a Create an Autotask contact action to the trigger.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip executing this action if there is no longer an Autotask integration connected.

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