The Create Company To-Do action creates a company to-do item (as opposed to a service call) in the Autotask calendar of all scheduled users who are configured in TimeZest to have their appointments written to their Autotask calendar.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to Autotask.

Configuration Options

The Action Type dropdown selects the action type with which the company to-do will be created. The values for this dropdown are drawn from the Action Types table configured in the "Sales & Opportunities" configuration section.

The Summary control determines what TimeZest will use for the description of the created Company To-Do: either ask the client (the exact label for the field can be configured in the Fields configuration for the appointment type), and use that value, or use a standard, fixed value.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip executing this action when all the scheduled users for an appointment are configured to use a calendar other than Autotask as their writeable calendars.

TimeZest will skip executing this action if no scheduled users have been decided for the appointment. TimeZest only determines exactly which users will be scheduled (primarily when scheduling with teams, where TimeZest has to assign the appointment to a particular team member) after the user has selected their time for an appointment.

TimeZest will also skip this action if no Autotask integration is configured.

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