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Let your end users decide what appointment they'd like to schedule

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Personal and Team Pages are only available to subscribers on a TimeZest Professional Plan.

TimeZest's Personal and Team Pages allow your end users to select the type of appointment they wish to book from a list you have configured. It gives you an even simpler URL to distribute which makes it perfect for sales teams, but we think your service desk will find it useful as well.

When a user or a team has a URL slug set - for our example, "my-name", and their personal/team page is enabled, anyone can visit a URL like, and they'll see a choice of appointments to book:

The end user can simply select the appointment type they wish to book, then book it like a normal shareable URL, where TimeZest will collect their name, email and company details, and will create a ticket / appointment / etc as configured.

Configuring Appointment Types for Pages

If you wish to use an appointment type on a team or personal page, it simply needs to have a URL slug set, the same as it requires for scheduling that appointment type with a shareable URL.

Optionally, you can also configure a description for the appointment type which will be displayed to the end user as shown above.

Configuring Personal and Team Pages

By default, personal pages and team pages are not enabled for any user or team. To enable it, go to the User or Team configuration page in TimeZest, and open the "Personal Page" or "Team Page" section:

Turn on the main switch to enable the team/personal page, and select the appointment types you wish to show on that page. At least one appointment type must be selected to turn on the team personal page.

Once that's done, you can copy the URL shown, and distribute it. Link to it in your website, or in your email signatures.

Setting up multiple pages for a team or user

If you wish to have multiple groups of appointments to use in different contexts, it's possible to set up a TimeZest-defined team that has a team page with a different URL slug and a different selection of appointments.

You can do this with a team which has the same members as the original team, as well as for an individual user - simply create a team with only one member, and it'll function exactly the same as scheduling with that user.

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