Action: Create a ConnectWise PSA Activity

A workflow action for creating a ConnectWise PSA activity.

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The Create an activity in ConnectWise PSA action creates an activity in ConnectWise PSA. This action requires that a ConnectWise PSA contact is associated with the scheduling request (usually by using the Create a contact in ConnectWise PSA action). If a ConnectWise PSA ticket is associated with the scheduling request, this will be linked to the created activity, but this is not a requirement.

This action is a critical action, which means that if it does not run successfully, any actions that come after it in the trigger will not be run by TimeZest. This logic ensures that TimeZest does not, for example, write a note that an appointment has been created successfully when it hasn't.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to ConnectWise PSA.

Configuration Options

This action can be configured with the following options:

The Activity Type dropdown determines the activity type of the activity created in ConnectWise PSA. The values in this field are read from the "Activity Type" setup table.

The Activity Status dropdown determines the activity status of the activity created in ConnectWise PSA. The values in this field are read from the "Activity Status - CRM" setup table.

The Service Location dropdown determines the service location of the activity created in ConnectWise PSA (i.e. the value shown in the "Where" field). The values in this field are read from the "Locations" setup table.

The Schedule Status dropdown determines the schedule status of the activity created in ConnectWise PSA - this is typically Firm or Tentative, and should not be confused with the activity status field. The values for this field are read from the "Schedule Statuses" setup table.

The Notes field determines what value TimeZest will use for the summary of the activity it creates. It can either use a fixed value, or it can ask the user for a description of their issue during scheduling. When this second option is selected, TimeZest will display a field asking the user to describe their issue, and use that as the summary of the activity created.

The Reminder dropdown instructs TimeZest to set a reminder alert in ConnectWise PSA for the activity it creates.

** This reminder is not for the end user/client.**

Additional Logic

This action will only create an activity for those scheduled users who have ConnectWise PSA configured as their writeable calendar on their user configuration page. For other users, it will do nothing.
A typical example of this is when scheduling appointments for users who have Microsoft 365 set as their writeable calendar, in which case there should also be a Create Microsoft 365 action in the workflow. TimeZest has logic to automatically ensure this action is there in the majority of cases, and additional logic to ensure that users can actually be scheduled when creating a scheduling request in the pod.

This action will also be skipped if the scheduling request has previously be closed or cancelled (although it should never actually run in this circumstance), and will be skipped if the ConnectWise PSA integration is no longer connected.

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