TimeZest's Professional Plan offers all our most powerful features to improve your experience and productivity. The foundational features below are available on our Free and Advanced plan. It is best to start with those, as they are useful for almost everyone, then configure the advanced and professional features that match your uses. Use this list to ensure you aren't missing valuable features and settings.

Foundational features to setup first

Advanced Plan features

Professional Plan features

Custom Email Domain

Custom Email Domains allows you to configure TimeZest to be able to send emails from a domain you control, and ensure that those emails are treated as genuine by the recipient. For example, if you use mymsp.com as your domain, configuring this as a custom email domain will allow TimeZest to legitimately send emails as - for example - [email protected]. This ensures any replies are sent back to your main support inbox.

Follow the below Help Article which will guide you through the necessary steps to setting up your Custom Email Domain. Once your domain is verified, don't forget to switch your mail sending mode.

Team Scheduling

Team scheduling allows you to create teams, and then have TimeZest schedule appointments with a single member of that team. You can think of Team Scheduling as auto dispatching. Divide your company into teams that you can then leverage to streamline dispatching - for example, Tier 1 Help Desk, Tier 2 Help Desk, Onsite Team, Professional Services, Sales Team, etc.

There are two ways TimeZest can be configured to distribute appointments to the different members of a team.

Round-Robin: This evenly distributes appointments/tickets throughout the team without taking into account availability. Best used where even distribution is more prudent than providing the best availability to a client.

Maximum Availability: Will provide the availability of all members on the team, yet will only schedule with one resource. The client will receive notification of the resource they are scheduled with when they receive the confirmation email.

For more details: Team Scheduling

Shareable URLs

Shareable URLs are a flexible tool that you can utilize in many areas of your company; they allow your clients to schedule without needing an existing ticket in your PSA system. When your client schedules via a Shareable URL a new Service Ticket or Activity/ To-Do is created.

Our customers have found many use cases for Shareable URLs:

  • Signature blocks

  • Marketing or Sales Emails

  • Bulk/ Campaign emails for Support Projects

  • Buttons on webpages

A particular appointment type can be configured to be used with Shareable URLs, and you can see the actual URL you can share with others (for a particular resource) in the main Appointment Types screen.

*Ticket Status: Use a Scheduled type status as the new ticket coming in will already be a scheduled session.

For more details: Shareable URLs

Panel Scheduling

Panel Scheduling allows up to 3 users to be scheduled on a call. TimeZest will review their calendars for common availability. It is easy to use and takes little to no setup.

In the pod

Simply select up to 3 resources, this can include a combination of individual users and Teams. TimeZest will automatically only offer times where all resources are available.


To use panel scheduling with URL-based scheduling or Shareable URLs, simply include additional slugs in the URL, separated by a comma. For example:


For more details: Panel Scheduling

Office 365 Integration

Integrate with Office 365 to allow TimeZest to review your PSA calendar and Outlook calendar, avoiding double-bookings.

This integration also allows users who do not work out of the PSA calendar to use TimeZest with Shareable URLs and schedule directly against their Outlook calendar. Once integrated, calendar settings are managed under each Users configuration.

For more details: Scheduling with Office 365 | TimeZest Help Center

This is our collection of help articles containing detailed information on all features available in TimeZest: Features | TimeZest Help Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or email [email protected].

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