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Scheduling Links Inside Email Signature Blocks
Scheduling Links Inside Email Signature Blocks

A tutorial on setting up links for use within signature blocks.

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Option selections will be slightly different if the individual user is using their PSA calendar or Outlook as their primary calendar. This guide will break it down using both methods.

Step 1: Calendar Settings

Review the User's calendar settings to ensure the settings below are ideal for the intended users.

Users -> Configure -> Calendar

PSA is Primary Calendar Settings ( Autotask or ConnectWise)

Both Read and Write are selected for your PSA.

Office 365 is Primary Calendar

Both Read and Write are selected for Office 365.

Step 2: Appointment Type Setup

Generally, for signature block links, tickets are not needed for these appointments. Especially if you are setting this up to be used for Users who have Office 365 as their primary calendar.

Go to your PSA Options within the Appointment Type and choose to create an Activity/ To-Do.

Step 3: Check Office 365 Options

Ensure that your calendar entries in Outlook will display as Busy.

Step 4: Shareable URL Setup

Below are the recommended settings for using a Shareable URL for a resource that is set up as Office 365 being their primary calendar, where a ticket is not desired. You may need to make different selections based on your specific use case.

  1. Select to Allow clients to schedule this Appointment Type, but do not create a ticket.

  2. New Contact Handling is bypassed if the User's primary calendar is Office 365. This will only be used if a User has the PSA calendar as their primary calendar.

  3. Use Require the client to provide a description of their issue to gather an understanding of what the meeting is about.

To edit the verbiage of the Summary question, locate Fields -> Issue Description

ie: What is the topic of this meeting? How can we assist? Short description of the meeting topic. etc.

Step 6: Copy Shareable URL and Embed in Outlook Signature

  1. Go to Appointment Types Dashboard

  2. Select the User you are wanting to create the URL for.

  3. Copy the Shareable URL link.

  4. Open your Email and locate Signature blocks. Type in the verbiage you want to use for your link. Highlight the text. ie: Schedule a meeting with me!

  5. Select the insert hyperlink icon.

6. Paste the Shareable URL within the Address bar.

7. Double check the Text to display, to ensure this is correct.

You will now have a link straight to your calendar for clients to schedule.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or at [email protected].

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