Panel Scheduling

Shared calendar scheduling for up to four internal people.

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Panel Scheduling is only available to subscribers to the TimeZest Professional plan.

Panel scheduling is the ability for TimeZest to schedule an appointment with more than one person or team and allow users to book a single appointment with all of them, respecting their availability and existing appointments.

To use panel scheduling, simply select additional people - up to 4 in total - in the TimeZest pod:

That's it. TimeZest will take care of the rest.

To use panel scheduling with URL-based scheduling or Shareable URLs, simply include additional slugs in the URL, separated by a comma. For example:,nancy-smith/online-meeting

(That particular URL is an example only, and won't work if clicked.)

Things to keep in mind

  • Panel scheduling works with teams as well, so you can schedule appointments with (for example) a particular account manager as well as any member of the sales engineering team.

  • You can only schedule a maximum of 4 resources per scheduling request. This is done for performance reasons, due to the large amount of API calls we have to make to perform scheduling, which could lead to very slow response times for the user.

  • TimeZest won't reduce the number of resources if there is an overlap, for example, if a single user is scheduled with a team that also includes that member - if there are 2 resources on a scheduling request, TimeZest will always schedule 2 people.

  • There needs to be overlap in the availability for all users in order for TimeZest to be able to schedule - for example, if John Smith is available from 9 am to 1pm weekdays, and Mary Jones is available from 3pm to 7pm weekdays, TimeZest will be unable to find a time where both of them can be scheduled if they are both included in a scheduling request.

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