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Allow TimeZest to send emails from your own domain

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Custom Email Domains are available only to TimeZest Subscribers on the Professional Plan.

Custom Email Domains allows you to configure TimeZest to be able to send emails from a domain you control, and ensure that those emails are treated as genuine by the recipient.

To configure a custom email domain, you must be able to create DNS records for that domain, to create the necessary DKIM and Return Path records which allow mail services to authenticate that these emails are authentic.

Adding a new custom domain

To add a new custom domain, go to the Email Settings page, and click on Add a Custom Domain in the Custom Domains section.

You'll then be prompted to add the domain you wish to send from:

When you click Add this Domain, we'll register the domain with our email provider, and it will generate the DKIM keys and necessary DNS records you'll need to add to allow TimeZest to send from this domain:

You'll need to consult the documentation for your DNS provider for exact instructions on how to add these records. Once they're added, click Verify DNS Records, and TimeZest will attempt to verify if these records have been correctly added.

Important: It can take up to 15 minutes for DNS records to be propagated so they can be read by our email service provider. If your DNS records are not verified initially, and you are sure they are correct, try again to verify the records after 15 minutes.

Once the DNS records are verified, you'll be able to configure TimeZest to send emails from an address on this domain. To do this, back in the Email Settings section, select Send email using a custom domain for the Mail Sending Mode control, and enter the email address you wish TimeZest to send emails from. You only need to enter the part before the '@' symbol and select the domain from one of your verified domains.

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