This article outlines the steps needed to set up TimeZest with ConnectWise Manage:

  1. Creating an API Member for TimeZest

  2. Creating an API Key

  3. Entering the API Key into TimeZest

Note: Before you begin, we recommend that you first create a custom security role for TimeZest.

Creating an API member

  1. In ConnectWise Manage, go to System > Members > API MembersĀ 

  2. Click + to create a new API member

  3. In the Member ID field type TimeZest

  4. Enter an email address at your company.

  5. Under System, select the custom TimeZest security role you previously created

  6. Complete any remaining required fields. The values you enter into these fields won't impact TimeZest. For fields that aren't required, feel free to leave these blank or choose the default setting.

  7. Click Save

Creating an API Key

  1. Select the API member created for TimeZest in the previous section and click the API Keys tab

  2. Click + to create a new API key

  3. For description enter TimeZest, then click Save

Entering the API Key into TimeZest

Copy and paste both the Public and Private keys you created in the previous section into the fields provided in TimeZest and click Save.

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