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How can I migrate TimeZest to another PSA?
How can I migrate TimeZest to another PSA?

Process to set up TimeZest if you moved to another PSA

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Your TimeZest account is associated to a single PSA system like ConnectWise PSA when it was first created, and all the settings and configuration in TimeZest are specific to that PSA system.

It's not possible for us to automatically move these settings to a new PSA system, because TimeZest cannot automatically determine, for example, that a specific ticket status in the old PSA system is actually a specific status in a new PSA system. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that MSPs often change their workflows when moving to a new PSA system, and the fact that PSA systems have different data models (e.g. in ConnectWise PSA, statuses are per-board, whereas in Autotask, statuses are global).

However, TimeZest Support is able to move certain assets from one account to another:

  • Custom Email Domains. If you're using custom email domains, TimeZest can copy them to your new account so that you can use your existing DNS entries for DKIM/Return Path.

  • Email Templates. We are able to copy your existing custom email templates to a new account.

To copy either or both of these assets to a new account, please contact TimeZest Support.

Migration to a new TimeZest account

When you move from one PSA to another, a new TimeZest account will need to be generated with the new PSA selected.

Follow the steps below after setting up the new PSA to begin the process of setting up a new TimeZest account:

  1. Set up your new PSA account following the PSA Integration Guides.

  2. Remove licensed users from your current TimeZest subscription so they can be invited to the new TimeZest account.

  3. Begin a new TimeZest Trial by going to

  4. Notify TimeZest Support for final verification that the new account setup is complete.

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