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Step 1 - Creating a HaloPSA Role for TimeZest
Step 1 - Creating a HaloPSA Role for TimeZest
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This article describes how to create a security role in HaloPSA which grants the minimal set of permissions that TimeZest needs to operate.

You'll need to have the Administrator role for your HaloPSA instance to perform these steps.

In HaloPSA, go to Configuration, then Teams & Agents, then Roles.

Select New to create a new role. Give the new role the following permissions:

General Permissions

Is a HaloPSA Administrator: Yes

Feature Access

Tickets Access Level: Read and Modify

Customers Access Level: Read and Modify

Users Access Level: Read and Modify

Calendars and Appointments Access Level: Read and Modify

Sales Access Level: Read and Modify

Ticket Permissions

Can add new tickets: Yes

Can view unassigned tickets: Yes

Can view Tickets that are assigned to other Agents: Yes

Can Re-assign Tickets: Yes

Calendar and Appointments Permissions

Editing of Appointments: Can Edit All Appointments

Adding New Appointments: Can Add All Appointments

Visibility of Appointments: Can View All Appointments

Deleting of Appointments: Can Delete All Appointments

Ticket Type Restrictions

Allow use of all Ticket Types: Yes

Client Restrictions

Allow use of all Customers: Yes

TimeZest only requires the "Is a HaloPSA Administrator" permission for the initial setup, as this permission is required to install the TimeZest custom tab. It can be removed once TimeZest is configured.

Finally, click Save to save the role.

Additional Settings

An additional step to complete before proceeding to the next step of creating an API Agent is to ensure how new users (your clients) are created if they don't yet exist in HaloPSA:

Go to Configuration > Billing > General Settings, scroll down to the Advanced Settings and make sure that Accounts ID on new Customers and Products are mandatory option is not selected.

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