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Step 2 - Creating an API Agent for TimeZest
Step 2 - Creating an API Agent for TimeZest
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This article details the steps required to create an agent in HaloPSA which TimeZest can use (in conjunction with the API) to write to and retrieve data from your HaloPSA instance.

You'll need to be an administrator in your HaloPSA instance to complete these steps.

1. Creating a new agent

In HaloPSA, go to Configuration in the main menu, then select Teams & Agents and then Agents.

Click New to create a new agent. Ensure it has the following values:

  • Username: "timezest" (or something similar)

  • Roles: Administrator and TimeZest Role

  • Account Active: Checked

  • Is an API-only Agent: Checked

TimeZest only requires Administrator privileges during the initial setup, as this is the only permission level that allows us to install the TimeZest custom tab via the API. Once the tab is installed, it can be removed from the API user, leaving only the TimeZest role.

Finally, click Save to save the new API agent.

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