Advanced Plan Setup Guide

A setup guide for the key features available in the Advanced Plan.

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Our packages build off of each other, each level unlocking more features to improve your experience and productivity. This guide to help ensure you don't miss important foundational features. We do offer free consulting sessions, to schedule a call email [email protected].

Foundational features to setup first

Advanced Plan features

Update Contact Number

Once you collect a phone number from your client, you can now update the ticket and/or their contact information in your PSA. This is located under Appointment Details in each of your Appointment Types.


If your PSA is ConnectWise, you can choose to just update the phone number on the ticket which is Update Ticket Contact Number. Or to update your client records with the phone number provided select Update Contact Details.


If your PSA is Autotask you are able to choose to update the client's contact record with the phone number provided if desired.

Client Rescheduling and Cancellation

By utilizing our Rescheduling & Cancellation feature you minimize no-shows and manual handling of clients' requests to cancel. These are best used on Appointment Types such as Phone Calls and Remote Sessions which are easily moved. It is not recommended for on-site appointments which can be inconvenient to move/cancel with short notice.

Custom Availability

Our Custom Availability feature allows you to determine a separate availability from what your PSA may have established. This allows you to determine which days and shifts TimeZest can schedule for a particular resource.

Access it by locating the User and selecting Configure.

URL-Based Scheduling: Automated Workflow Scheduling

Utilizing URLs provides a way to schedule with your PSA's workflows against a ticket that has already been created.

The [srnumber] or [Ticket: Number] token at the end of the URL will connect the scheduled appointment to the ticket within your PSA. If you use the URL outside of your PSA, this will need to be replaced manually with the ticket number.

Use case example: Utilizing workflows within your PSA to respond to New Tickets that have sat for an extended amount of time. By setting up a workflow to automatically email your client after a set amount of time, you can insert a URL for the client to schedule a Discovery Call with a Technician. This allows the client to be responded to in a quick manner during high volume or outside of business timeframes and enables the technician to review their need and address concerns in a personal manner.

This is our collection of help articles containing detailed information on all features available in TimeZest: Features | TimeZest Help Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or by emailing [email protected].

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