Updating Contacts Automatically

When clients give a phone number, TimeZest can automatically update their contact records.

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This feature is only available to TimeZest subscribers to our Advanced and Professional Plans.

TimeZest is able to optionally ask users for their best contact number when scheduling an appointment, and will include that number in the internal note it writes against the ticket.

This feature upgrades that capability, so that TimeZest can now update either (or both) the contact number field on the ticket, or the relevant phone number on the actual contact.

These options are configured in the Appointment Details section for an appointment type. The two options (Update Ticket Contact Number and Update contact details) are only shown when the option to ask for or require a contact number is selected.

When the Update Ticket Contact Number option is selected, TimeZest will update the contact number field on the ticket (either existing, or when created via Shareable URLs) with the value the client provides.

When the Update Contact Details option is selected, TimeZest will update the actual contact record with the value the client provides.

TimeZest now asks for the type of number the client is providing while scheduling, and this value allows TimeZest to update the correct phone number field on the Contact record. We also use it when writing the internal note on the ticket, to give a little more context to the technician working the ticket - e.g. "John Smith would like to be contacted at home on (212)-123-4567".

TimeZest does perform some validation before updating either contact field, and will only update them when the user provides a contact number which appears to be a plausible phone number for the country you're located in, to avoid adding bad data to your records. The value the user provides will always be included verbatim in the ticket note, as is the current behavior - which allows users to give values like "Call me on Skype", or similar.

ConnectWise stores the old values for fields TimeZest updates in the audit record for the ticket and contact, so any old values that TimeZest overwrites will still always be available if they're needed for any reason.

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