Step 3: TimeZest Insight Setup Guide

Follow the below directions to complete the setup TimeZest Insight for Autotask.

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The TimeZest Insight allows you and your team to directly schedule appointments from a ticket in Autotask, without needing to search for it first. This has been made possible by the Insights feature released with Autotask version 2020.1.

Autotask requires that the TimeZest Insight is first installed in your Autotask instance, and then you'll need to manually activate it, and configure it for each ticket category where you want to use it.

TimeZest is able to install the Insight via API, which can be done at the following link:

Enabling the TimeZest Insight

Once you have completed installation, enable the TimeZest Insight inside your Autotask Instance by going to the Integration Center and selecting Vendor Insights.

  • Navigate to Admin > Features & Settings

  • Navigate to Extensions & Integrations > Other Extensions & Tools > Integration Center.

  • Locate TimeZest-scheduling > Edit

  • Under Vendor Insights toggle on Enable Integration Vendor Ticket Insights and Enable Integration Vendor Configuration Item Insights. Click Save & Close.

    Turn on TimeZest Insight for each Ticket Category

    Note: This must be complete for each Ticket Category where you want TimeZest Insight to be visible.

Navigate to Admin > Features & Settings > Service Desk (Tickets) > Ticket Categories

  • For each ticket category, select Edit in the drop-down menu, then Insights, and drag TimeZest to the Visible Insights section. Click Save & Close.

In-Ticket Scheduling

Scheduling within your ticket is now available!

This is our collection of help articles containing detailed information on all features available in TimeZest: Features | TimeZest Help Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or email [email protected].

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