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Step 2: Creating an API User for Autotask
Step 2: Creating an API User for Autotask
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This article describes how to create an API user, which TimeZest can use to access that Autotask API. You'll need to have created a security level first, by following the instructions here.

1. Go to Admin, then click on Resources/Users in the Resources/Users (HR) section.

2. Click New API User in the New menu.

3. Select TimeZest Security Level in the Security Level field, and select TimeZest - scheduling in the Integration Vendor field. Enter any convenient value for the first name, last name and email address fields, they are not used by TimeZest.

Ensure that all the Lines of Business which you wish TimeZest to have access to are in the Associated box.

4. Click Generate for both the Username (Key) and Password (Secret) fields. Save the generated values to a text editor or similar, as you will not be able to access these values after you save the user.

5. Click Save & Close.

6. Enter the values you saved for the username and password into TimeZest, in the Autotask API section:

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