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TimeZest Training Services

How to receive training and consulting from our team.

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Our team is dedicated to your success with TimeZest and wants to ensure that you have support in onboarding and training your administrators and team. Below are offerings and scheduling links to provide that support.

Train the Trainer

A 30-minute session to conduct a quick system setup review and ensure an understanding of how to manage settings pertaining to the daily functionality of TimeZest for your team.

  • How to manage calendar settings and availability for different resource/ department needs.

  • Managing Appointment Types.

  • Usage of Team Scheduling.

  • Personal pages: how and when to use them.

  • Training documentation

Dispatcher Training

This 30-minute session is designed to train a dispatcher on how to use TimeZest and ensure they have the necessary details to integrate it into their processes.

  • How to send a scheduling request.

  • Using Team Scheduling.

  • Process review on assigning tickets while using TimeZest.

  • How to schedule an appointment for a client on the phone.

  • How to cancel meetings for a tech, if needed.

  • Creating and managing Appointment Types (if applicable).

User Training

A 30-minute training session designed for your TimeZest Users to ensure an understanding of how to use TimeZest and answer questions. Ideal for Sales team members, Account Managers, Help Desk Technicians, and Project Managers.

  • How to send a scheduling request.

  • Panel Scheduling vs. Team Scheduling.

  • Use cases for date & time limits.

  • Scheduling multiple appointments with different contacts.

  • Integrating TimeZest into processes and troubleshooting current concerns.

It is recommended that one TimeZest system administrator attend a user training session to make changes that may be required.

System Review

This session is designed for TimeZest system administrators to meet with our Customer Success team. We will review your TimeZest setup and ensure that you are fully utilizing all the features available at your plan level.

Onboarding Session

New to TimeZest? This session will review your current settings and train system administrators to manage, set up, and deploy TimeZest for your company's needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chat box to the right or at [email protected].

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