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TimeZest with CloudRadial

Level up your CloudRadial ticketing system with the power of TimeZest.

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TimeZest and CloudRadial are a powerful pair in streamlining processes for your team and providing a state-of-the-art, standardized client experience. By combining CloudRadial's client portal and TimeZest scheduling URLs you can automatically walk a client through their issue and schedule with the correct resources from the start.

CloudRadial has a wonderful guide to walk you through their setup processes that you can view here: Integrating with TimeZest – CloudRadial . Their guide is the best reference for all CloudRadial setup information. As improvements and changes are made frequently to TimeZest we are going to maintain a shortcut version here for creating the necessary URLs.

Creating a URL for use within CloudRadial ticketing

  1. Go to Appointment Types

  2. Choose the Appointment Type that you are wanting to use within CloudRadial. Open up the Appointment Type by clicking on it.

  3. Inside the Appointment Type locate the Show URLs for scheduling all these resource(s). Choose the resource or team you are setting up CloudRadial to use.

  4. Once the resource is selected, the URLs will generate with the URL Slug for those resources. In CloudRadial you will be using our URL-Based scheduling URL. Copy this URL and paste within your CloudRadial catalog item source code button link.

    We recommend using a Team to auto-dispatch tickets within a group of resources for most situations. Learn more about Team Scheduling here: Team Scheduling.

    For more information about URL-Based Scheduling links: URL-based Scheduling

  5. For this link to work properly within CloudRadial you will need to replace the [srnumber] or [Ticket: Number] portion of the URL with @TicketId token so CloudRadial inserts the ticket number generated during submission.

    Please reference CloudRadial's documentation for further instructions: Integrating with TimeZest – CloudRadial

Important! TimeZest requires a ticket number to function properly in this situation. When testing your setup, a test ticket is required for an accurate example. It will not display properly within CloudRadial's preview function, even if set up correctly.


Learn more about the relationship between TimeZest and CloudRadial in this webinar recording.

For more information about CloudRadial visit: IT Client Portal for MSPs and Corporate IT Departments - CloudRadial

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or at [email protected].

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