5. Buttons, Logos, Spacers, and Images
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As well as text, TimeZest's email editor supports 4 other types of content you can use in your email templates.

The Logo content block simply includes the logo you have uploaded in the Branding section of TimeZest in your email. This duplicates the existing functionality of our default email templates, which includes your logo, and at the same size.

The Button content block allows you to include a button for the user to click. You can configure its content, colors and size, and configure it to use one of the 4 "built-in" URLs available in TimeZest:

  • Scheduling URL

  • Rescheduling URL

  • Online Meeting URL for technician

  • Online Meeting URL for client

In addition, you can also have the button point to any arbitrary URL.

There's a spacer content block, which simply takes up space, and can be used to create vertical gaps in your layout. In addition, you can set its background color and combine it with padding to create horizontal lines between sections:

Finally, you can add images to your templates where you add the image's hosted URL. Additional options include a link to the URL if you want the end user to click on the image to open a website, alignment, height and width resizing, and padding.

Next, let's learn about the new Send Email workflow action, which lets you send one-off emails from workflows without needing to create a dedicated template.

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