Availability by Appointment Type

This feature allows custom availability to be set for individual Appointment Types.

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Available to subscribers on the Advanced and Professional Plan.

The Appointment Type Schedule feature gives you the ability to set specific times and days when appointments can be booked for each appointment type. This means that you can now create appointments that can only be booked before lunch, only on Wednesdays, or have specific appointment types which can be booked outside of normal business hours.

For example, if you offer both onsite and remote appointments, you may want to limit onsite appointments to certain days or times. By setting specific availability for each appointment type, you can also ensure that you have the necessary resources and equipment available for each appointment. Further helping streamline and improve the overall experience for your team and your clients.

Using this in conjunction with User-specific Custom Availability gives you more control over your appointments, ensuring that you're booking appointments at times that work best for you and your team.

To learn more about user-specific Custom Availability: Custom Availability | TimeZest Help Center

Locate the Appointment Type Schedule within each Appointment Type.

Availability Mode

How an appointment type schedule interacts with the availability set for your users can be configured to operate in one of two ways.

  • Combine the availability of the resources being scheduled with the schedule below: This instructs TimeZest to only offer appointments where both the resource and appointment type are available.

    • For example, if Sarah is configured to be available between 8am and 3pm every day, and an appointment type is configured to be scheduled between 12 noon and 5pm every day, then TimeZest will only offer appointments where these overlap - so between 12 noon and 3pm. TimeZest has validation checks in the pod to find “impossible” scheduling configurations, so you won’t ask a customer to schedule where there are no possible times for them to book.

  • Ignore the availability of the resource being scheduled, and only use the schedule below: TimeZest can ignore the availability of the resource being scheduled and only use the schedule defined for the appointment type.

    • For example, to offer appointments such as out-of-hours service windows which you only want to selectively offer in particular circumstances.

Time Zone

It is necessary to select the Time Zone that is used for calculating the appointment type availability based on the custom schedule you set. This can be your default time zone for your office.

Custom Schedule

Here, you can configure the days and times when that particular appointment type can be booked. By default, this option has been left turned off, so until you add a schedule to an appointment type, TimeZest works exactly as it always has.

Simply drag and drop as many blocks as needed to establish the desired schedule. To delete, drag and drop the block off the screen.

Now, save and close.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or at [email protected].

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