Custom Availability

Utilize our Custom Availability to control exactly when clients can schedule with you.

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Custom Availability is only available to TimeZest subscribers on the TimeZest Advanced and TimeZest Professional plans.

You can choose whether you wish TimeZest to use the availability configured in your PSA, or specify a custom availability inside TimeZest. This gives the ability to manage exactly when you want to be scheduled for meetings and establish set lunchtimes or reoccurring administrative times.

To set up, go to Users and click Configure on any activated member.

Simply drag the time slots that you want available for scheduling. You can drag and drop the time blocks where needed. To delete an availability block, drag the block outside the border.

If you click Save Changes, TimeZest will use those times as your availability when scheduling with your clients. These can be configured differently for each user.

You can see at a glance if any users are using a custom availability as we display a summary in the Users screen:

Holidays that are being respected by TimeZest are listed at the bottom of the page. These are pulled from your CRM.

Under Security & Permissions administrators can allow users to manage their own Custom Availability within their own User portal.

Remember: Availability and time zones are linked β€” if you specify a custom timezone in TimeZest, but not custom availability, TimeZest will interpret the start and end times in the calendar in ConnectWise PSA in that time zone β€” and vice versa.

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