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Automate Ticket Creation and Scheduling for Large Projects
Automate Ticket Creation and Scheduling for Large Projects

Using Shareable URLs and Team Scheduling

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Use Shareable URLs in conjunction with Team scheduling for those large projects. By using the Shareable URL in a bulk email, you can send one email to a large group of clients. When each client schedules via the Shareable URL, it will auto-create a new Service Ticket, with a resource assigned and scheduled. No more creating mass amounts of tickets, manually!

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a Team that will be working on this project. Ensure the URL Slug is set up.

  2. Create or determine which Appointment Type will be needed, set up the Shareable URL optionality to create a new Service Ticket.

  3. Generate a URL with this Team and Appointment type.

  4. Compose and send a Campaign or Bulk email, including the URL link in this email.

    For more details: Shareable URLs & Team Scheduling

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