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Step 3: Setting up the TimeZest Pod

Set up the TimeZest Pod, which is the primary interface to TimeZest.

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TimeZest has been designed so that all the day-to-day use - the actual scheduling of appointments with your clients - can be done through the TimeZest pod, right inside ConnectWise PSA.

Important: TimeZest will automatically do this when you initially sign up, so you should not need to do this manually unless you have removed the setup table entries, or need to change them.

To set up the TimeZest pod, you'll need to be an administrator in your ConnectWise PSA instance.

1. In ConnectWise PSA, go to System > Setup Tables. Search for the Manage Hosted API Setup table.

2. Open the Manage Hosted API screen, and click '+'  to add a new item, and enter the following details:

Note: The URL is specific to each TimeZest account, and should not be shared outside of ConnectWise PSA.

3. If you wish to use TimeZest with Project Tickets, repeat the previous step, but with "Project Ticket" as the value for the Screen field. You will end up with two Hosted API items after this.

4. If the TimeZest pod doesn't appear for you, or any of your members, in the Service Ticket or Project Ticket screens, click the "Gear" icon in the top right of the screen, and choose Pod Configuration. Ensure that TimeZest (or whatever you named the TimeZest pod when configuring it) is in the "Displayed" column.

As always, if you need any additional assistance, you can reach us through the Intercom chat widget within TimeZest, or at [email protected].

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