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Q2-2024 Feature Releases
Q2-2024 Feature Releases
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TimeZest's Q2 release includes some long-requested features to our scheduling engine to make TimeZest even more flexible when booking appointments. TimeZest can now ensure that buffer periods before and/or after an appointment are written to your calendar, limit the number of appointments booked per user per day, and take approved PTO in BambooHR into account when scheduling appointments.

Read more about our recent product release below.

Hard Buffer Times

Existing buffer times in TimeZest only ensure that free time before and/or after the appointment was available when your end user booked their appointment, but after that other calendar entries could still be created in those buffer periods. With hard buffer times, TimeZest can create calendar entries that block out the buffer periods to ensure they remain free.

Hard buffer times can be configured for each appointment type as desired.

Maximum Appointments Per Day

You can now control the limit of the number of appointments to be scheduled on your calendar per user, per day for each appointment type. Once that limit has been reached, your clients will not see that day as available and will only be able to book that appointment on alternative days.

BambooHR integration

If your company uses BambooHR, this integration will allow any approved PTO days to automatically be honored as unavailable when scheduling with TimeZest, preventing the clients from scheduling any appointments on the user's days off. You no longer have to manually update your PSA calendar or Microsoft 365 calendar with the PTO days.

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