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Step 1: Creating an API User to access BambooHR
Step 1: Creating an API User to access BambooHR

Creating an Access Level and API User so that TimeZest can securely access BambooHR.

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This article describes the process for creating an API user with the minimum set of permissions required for TimeZest's integration with BambooHR to function.

You will need to be an administrator in your BambooHR instance to perform these steps.

Creating a Access Level for TimeZest

In BambooHR, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select Access Levels in the page which is shown.

Next, select the Add button, and select a Custom Access Level to create a new access level. On the page that is shown, give the new custom access level a name - e.g. TimeZest Integration Permissions, and a description if you wish. Click Next Step.

On the next step, What this Access Level Can Do, simply click Next Step without changing anything. TimeZest does not need the ability to change any information in BambooHR.

On the final step, What this Access Level Can See, click the See About Other Employees tab, and give TimeZest View Only permission for the following data:


  • Contact > Work Email

Time Off

  • Grant TimeZest View Only access to all active categories of Time Off Request which you wish to block appointments from being booked.

At the top of the What this Access Level Can See screen, ensure that This Access Level can access the information below for setting reads All Employees.

Click Save & Finish to save the new custom access level.

Creating a Non-Employee User for TimeZest

In BambooHR, click the gear icon at the upper-right corner of the screen again, and click Access Levels. Select the TimeZest custom access level that you just created.

Click the smaller gear icon, and select Add a Non-Employee BambooHR User.

In the screen that appears, fill in a name and email address for the non-employee user. Ensure the access level is set to the TimeZest custom access level. Click Save.

Important: The email address must be one which someone in your organization has access to, as you will need it to obtain the password for the new user.

Obtaining an API Key for TimeZest to use

Use the credentials in the email to set a password for the non-employee user, and log in to BambooHR.

Click the profile button at top right, and in the dropdown menu that appears, select API Keys.

In the API Keys screen, select Add API Key, and create a new API key for TimeZest to use. Save this API key as you will not be able to retrieve it later. This is what TimeZest will use to authenticate with the BambooHR API.

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