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Q1-2024 Feature Release
Q1-2024 Feature Release
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Q1 New Features

Based on your feedback, we’re changing the way we release new features.

To date, we worked in a just-in-time delivery model: we developed new functionality, shipped it as soon as it was production-ready, and announced updates over email.

Now we’re moving to a structured release schedule, shipping major new features on a quarterly basis. This will give you more predictability, allow you to plan process or operational updates, and streamline product communication and education.

Minor improvements and bug fixes will still be released continually.

Appointment Type Templates

The workflow engine behind our scheduling is powerful. You can customize TimeZest to work exactly how you want, but it requires a deeper level of knowledge of the product.

For users who want something out of the box, we’ve now built a set of appointment types with pre-configured workflows to support common use cases and best practices.

You can import these templates into your account and use them as is or use the workflow engine to customize them further.

Microsoft Teams Messaging

You can already use TimeZest with Microsoft Teams to create online meetings. Now you can also send messages to channels and users using new workflow actions.

You can notify a team when appointments have been scheduled, canceled or rescheduled. Or you can send a reminder message to a team member 10 minutes before an appointment starts, ensuring they’re on time and prepared.

We’ve also introduced Quick Edits to add commonly used behaviors to multiple appointment types at once.


Lastly, we’ve added filtering to our dashboard, users, and appointment types page to help you find what you’re looking for more easily.

You can find specific scheduling requests, users, or companies effortlessly; find all appointments canceled in the last week or see a list of all users who are administrators—to name just a few use cases.

Appointment Type Templates and Microsoft Teams Messaging are available to accounts on the TimeZest Professional plan. Filtering functionality is available for all TimeZest accounts, including free plan users.

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