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Action: Send a Message to a Microsoft Teams Channel
Action: Send a Message to a Microsoft Teams Channel

A workflow action that can send a message to a Microsoft Teams channel

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The Send a Message to a Microsoft Teams Channel action is available when you have installed the Microsoft Teams (Messaging) Integration, and allows you to send a configurable message to a specified Microsoft Teams channel.

This makes it possible for Teams notifications to be sent when end users schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments, as well as timed reminders before and after scheduled meeting times.

Configuration Options

The action has the following configuration options:

The Team and Channel options allow you to specify which channel TimeZest should send the message to. As channels are associated with teams in Microsoft Teams, both need to be specified, and the team needs to be specified first so that TimeZest can retrieve the list of available channels.

The Message field allows you to specify the message for TimeZest to send. It supports interpolation of variables as well as conditional display of sections of the message.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip this action in a workflow if the Microsoft Teams (Messaging) Integration is not installed.

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