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TimeZest API

How to access data from your TimeZest account using TimeZest APIs.

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The TimeZest APIs are available to gain extra insight into your TimeZest account such as seeing which users are sending the most scheduling requests, how many scheduling requests they are sending within a given period, as well as getting details of the TimeZest appointment types. You can also use the TimeZest APIs to create scheduling requests from outside your PSA and TimeZest. The TimeZest APIs are free to use with your TimeZest account and you can get started right away.

TimeZest API Documentation

To get started, go to


You will first need to set up proper authentication by creating your API keys to gain access to the TimeZest APIs.

TimeZest Query Language

To understand how to filter results, read the TimeZest Query Language. This section describes how to create predicates using attributes, operators, and values.


Lastly, if you run a query and get an error message, use the Errors page to learn what each status code means so you can troubleshoot any error codes.

TimeZest API Endpoints

  • Agents - An actual person who can have an appointment scheduled for them.

  • Appointment Types - Describes a specific type of appointment that can be booked with TimeZest.

  • Resources - An agent or a team who can have an appointment scheduled for them.

  • Scheduling Requests - The record in TimeZest which tracks all the details related to booking an individual appointment.

  • Teams - A group of one or more agents which be assigned to be scheduled.

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