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Action: Update the status of a HaloPSA ticket to a preset status
Action: Update the status of a HaloPSA ticket to a preset status

A workflow action to update the status of a HaloPSA ticket.

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The Update the status of a HaloPSA ticket to a preset status action updates the status of a ticket in HaloPSA to one of the pre-configured statuses specified in the Preset Statuses section in the HaloPSA Integration page of TimeZest.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to HaloPSA.

Configuration Options

The status dropdown selects the type of status from the board configuration screen that TimeZest will use when updating the ticket status. There are 4 options for this field, corresponding to the 4 configurable statuses in the HaloPSA integration configuration screen.

The names of these statuses are a hold-over from the pre-workflows operation of TimeZest, but they do not have an effect on how TimeZest executes a workflow. You could update a ticket to the "after-scheduling" status when a client cancels their appointment if you really wanted to.

The Skip if Closed field allows you to determine if a ticket status change needs to be skipped if a ticket has been previously manually closed.

Tip: The Skip if Closed is useful to apply in conjunction with the configured No-Response Status. This ensures that if a ticket is manually closed, the TimeZest workflow will not reopen the ticket.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip this action when there is no ticket associated with this scheduling request.

TimeZest will skip this action when the configured status cannot be found in HaloPSA, or is marked as 'inactive'.

TimeZest will also skip this action when no HaloPSA integration is configured.

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