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Action: Update HaloPSA agent

A workflow action to update the agent on the HaloPSA ticket.

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The Update the agent a HaloPSA ticket is assigned to action updates the agent of a ticket in HaloPSA to the scheduled user associated with the scheduling request. This action only has an effect after the client has scheduled their appointment, because it is only then that TimeZest knows which users have actually been scheduled.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to HaloPSA.

Configuration Options

This action does not have any configuration options. To disable updating the ticket agent in HaloPSA, remove it from the workflow.

The concept of scheduled users is useful to understand here. When sending a scheduling request, it's possible to specify resources - both individual users and teams - with whom the appointment is to be scheduled. While individual users will always be fixed, when scheduling with a team, TimeZest has to select one of the users in that team, which can only be done when the client schedules their appointment. The first scheduled user - according to the order that resources are included in the URL, or specified in the TimeZest pod, will be the one that TimeZest assigns the ownership of the ticket to.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip this action when no scheduled users have been determined for the scheduling request (i.e. prior to the client selecting a time).

TimeZest will also skip this action when no HaloPSA ticket is associated with the scheduling request.

TimeZest will also skip this action when no HaloPSA integration is configured.

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