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Use Case: QR codes to schedule meetings
Use Case: QR codes to schedule meetings

Create QR codes for clients to scan, taking them directly to a TimeZest scheduling page.

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The following use case is contributed by Scott Cooley, President at Indevtech Incorporated. Check them out at

As part of the company's overall goal of delivering complete hardware solutions, Scott and his team provides an in-shop service to prep computers to remote clients before they get delivered.

Scott shares:

Typically there is some setup that still needs to be done, like initializing their user profile with the machine on-network, logging into things that require 2FA, or anything the in-shop tech was not able to do that requires the user to be in front of the machine.

We used to email [the client] saying, “...the computer is on the way; please send a ticket when you get it.” but we’d inevitably get a call at an inconvenient time when the user opened the computer and found that it wasn’t configured to do anything so we got proactive and started slipping these in the box.

By including a QR code in the same box with the equipment, when the client opens the package, they'll see the QR code, scan it, and use the TimeZest scheduling page to schedule a time to complete the installation.

How to set up TimeZest Shareable URLs in QR codes

Click to learn more about how to setup Shareable URLs.

  1. Ensure appointment type is set up to use Shareable URLs:

  2. Select the appropriate resource(s) or team(s) to generate the Shareable URL:

  3. Copy the Shareable URL:

  4. Find a QR code generator and paste the Shareable URL link:

  5. Print the QR code with instructions and include it with the hardware.

When your clients receive the equipment, they will scan the QR code on their mobile device opening the TimeZest scheduling page so they can find time to complete the final steps to install the new hardware:

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