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7. The Default Email Template
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We expect that most TimeZest users will want their emails to look consistent, and match their brand.

If this all had to be done for each individual email template that you create, not only would it create a lot of tedious work, but also likely result in variances and inconsistencies between emails. To solve this issue, we created the default email template.

The default email template is what TimeZest will use as a starting point each time you create a new email template. You can set it up with the widths, logo, layout and colors that you use, and these will be ready for you every time you create a new email template.

You can find the default email template in the Email Settings screen, and we suggest you modify it first to save work if you plan to create a number of email templates. You can find it just under the list of existing email templates.

Note: Editing the default email template won't change any existing email templates, only ones you create after saving the default email template.

That concludes our tour of the WYSIWYG email editor. We hope that it makes your life easier, and creates new possibilities to streamline your business processes and delight your customers. As always, we're here to help if you need anything.

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