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Migrating from Deprecated Legacy Email Features
Migrating from Deprecated Legacy Email Features
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With the new capabilities of the WYSIWYG email editor, TimeZest will be deprecating certain features which no longer make sense. This article will tell you what you need to do to migrate away from the existing features.

The features being deprecated are the following:

  • Notification and Confirmation Messages. The ability to insert a block of text into a notification or confirmation email was added to TimeZest as a stop-gap measure before we had fully customizable email templates.

  • Legacy HTML Email Templates. The existing email templates based on directly editing a HTML template, which are now replaced by the WYSIWYG email templates.

Both of these features will function as they currently do until May 30, 2024, after which TimeZest will no longer support them, and they will cease to function. Existing Legacy templates can continue to be edited until then, but no new legacy email templates can be created.

Migrating Notification and Confirmation Messages

To migrate your existing notification and confirmation messages, do the following:

  1. In the Email Settings page, click New Email Template, and select Copy an existing email template. To replace a confirmation message, select Default Confirmation Email, and to replace a notification message, select Default Notification Email. Click Next.

  2. In the newly-created template, find the section which contains the "Confirmation Message" or "Notification Message" variable. Click on it to select it. You may have to use Shift + clicking to select the section (with a red border) rather than the text or column element inside it (which have blue borders when selected).

  3. In the "Display Conditions" section, change the setting to "Always include this section in the email."

  4. Now select the "Confirmation Message" or "Notification Message" variable. Use the delete key to remove it, and then add your confirmation/notification message as text.

  5. Click Save to save the email template.

  6. Now, in the Appointment Types screen, update any appointment type which uses the Default Notification Email or Default Confirmation Email to use the new email template.

Migrating Legacy Email Templates

To migrate your existing legacy email templates to the new editor, recreate them using the new WYSIWYG email editor. To make this easier, we would suggest editing the default email template first to setup the elements common to all your emails, such as your logo and choice of colors, then editing the specific email template.

You may also wish to copy, and then modify, the built-in email templates, if your changes to the existing templates were only minor.

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