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3. Formatting text in the new Email Editor
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The Email Editor in TimeZest offers the ability to format the text you type into text blocks, with underline, italic and bold formatting. This works just like in any word processor, where you can use the buttons in the toolbar to switch styles on and off, or use the usual keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + B - bold text

  • Ctrl + U - underlined text

  • Ctrl + I - italic text

Let's add some formatting to the text block we added in the previous stage:

We can also create links in text, using the link button in the toolbar. Select the text, then enter the URL you want to link to:

As well, there are properties that affect the entire text block, such as its text color, font choice and size, and the padding that surrounds it:

TimeZest can also interpolate variables in an email template with actual values for the particular scheduling request, and conditionally display sections. Let's find out about that now!

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