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Invite additional guests to your TimeZest appointments

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TimeZest allows you and your clients to invite additional guests to an appointment if more than the main point of contact ticket needs to be included. This works by simply entering their emails, and TimeZest will send additional confirmation emails with the appointment details to them.

To invite guests when sending a TimeZest request via the pod in ConnectWise PSA/Autotask Insight, simply tick the "Invite Guests" option in the "Advanced Options" section, and enter their email addresses. By default, TimeZest will not include users configured to receive cc email notifications on tickets as guests.

Your clients can also invite their own guests to an appointment, by entering their email addresses when booking. TimeZest will automatically de-duplicate guests so that no-one receives multiple invitations.

TimeZest will automatically handle any duplicate email addresses (if, for example, both you and your client invite the same person), and will send them an email with details of the appointment (but without the ability to cancel/reschedule it).

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