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Tutorial: Using Custom Attributes for Online Meetings
Tutorial: Using Custom Attributes for Online Meetings

How to use Custom Attributes for Online Meeting URLs.

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Features used in this tutorial require the Professional Plan

TimeZest has native integrations with Zoom and Microsoft Teams for online meetings. However, by using custom attributes, you can also get TimeZest to work with other online meeting solutions, such as GoToMeeting. The only requirement is that each user has a fixed URL (for example, a personal meeting room in GoToMeeting) which doesn't change.

For the best user and client experience, this tutorial uses both a Custom Email Template and Workflows in Appointment Types.

Within this tutorial, we will be inserting the URL into these locations:

  • The body of the Client Confirmation Email Template

  • The body of the Client Calendar Event

  • Location field of the Client Calendar Event

  • Internal note within your PSA ticket

Additional areas you can apply if desired:

  • Technician Confirmation Email

  • Within a Note of an Activity/ To-Do

  • Scheduled User's Office 365 Calendar Event

Create a Custom Attribute

Before proceeding, you must have the Custom Attribute setup and have entered values for it for your users.

Create a Custom Confirmation Email Template

Navigate to Email Settings and then New Email Template.

  1. Create a New Email template.

  2. Name the template

  3. Select Confirmation Email Template

  4. Copy the Default Confirmation Email Template

5. Once inside the new template locate the bottom of the Appointment Confirmation section and the beginning of the Appointment Online Meeting section.

6. Use the SMTP template below in the space between {% endif %} and

{% if appointment.online_meeting_url %}.

***Edit the verbiage to match your business needs. Ensure it is lined up with the text above and below.

SMTP Template


This is an online meeting and can be joined at the following URL: <INSERT CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE VARIABLE HERE>


The Custom Attribute variable can be found at the end of the Variables list on the right. Save and close.

Setting up the Online Meeting within Appointment Types

Apply these changes to the Appointment Types that will be used as Online Meetings. These Appointment Types must be in Workflow mode to proceed.

TIP: If you have concerns about switching your Appointment Types to Workflow mode, feel free to create a New Appointment Type, duplicating the one you would like to edit. This way you can always revert to your original if needed.

Confirmation Email Actions

Inside both the When the client schedules their appointment: and When the client reschedules their appointment triggers, update the Send an email to the client action.

  • Apply the email template that we created earlier.

  • The Calendar template edits the verbiage inside the calendar event attached to the confirmation email. Insert a line and the variable for your Custom Attribute.

  • Edit the Location field with the Custom Attribute variable.

To populate variable options press Shift + {. On the right side, edit the rules that apply to that section.

Note Action

Add the URL inside a note within the ticket for your technician to quickly join the session. Add a new line within the Note Content, and ensure to update the rules for that line on the right side.

Rescheduling and Cancellation

If you have Rescheduling and Cancellation set up for the appointment type, ensure that you update the same sections within the When the client reschedules their appointment trigger.

What you can expect

Client Confirmation email and calendar invitation will include the link both within the body and the location field.

The user will be able to easily access the link from within an internal note located inside their ticket.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or by emailing [email protected].

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