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Tutorial: Customizing the Description of Autotask Service Calls / Company To-Dos
Tutorial: Customizing the Description of Autotask Service Calls / Company To-Dos

Modifying the description of created company to-dos and service calls

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TimeZest allows you to customize the description of service calls and company to-dos created in Autotask. This allows you to configure exactly what information you want displayed - which can be particularly useful for those of you who use Autotask through its mobile app.

Customizing the Appointment Description

For the appointment type you want to customize, go to the workflow tab, and click "Convert to Workflow" if you haven't done so already. This will allow you to directly edit the workflow, and change the settings of the actions.

Find the Create a Service Call in Autotask or Create a Company To-Do in Autotask action that you want to edit. It will be found in the When the client schedules an appointment trigger. Click it to open it for editing:

You can now edit the description to any value you want. We recommend keeping the first line as shown above, as this is what Autotask will show in views with less space, such as the main calendar view.

To insert a variable, which TimeZest will replace with an actual value when it creates the service call or company to-do, simply press Shift + { and select the variable from the list.

You can also only include paragraphs conditionally - for example, in the example above, the online meeting URLs are only included when there is an online meeting created for the appointment. Click the grey margin box to edit the condition.

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