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Tutorial: Setting a reminder on Microsoft 365 appointments
Tutorial: Setting a reminder on Microsoft 365 appointments

How to configure TimeZest to create a reminder on Microsoft 365 appointments.

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TimeZest allows you to configure the reminders set on appointments it creates in your O365 calendar. This tutorial shows you how to configure a TimeZest workflow to do that.

This applies to the Microsoft 365 events which TimeZest creates directly in the Microsoft 365 calendar of a TimeZest user, when they are configured to have TimeZest write their booked appointments there. It does not change the behavior of the calendar invites we send attached to emails (either to end users or technicians) - these invites have a fixed, 10-minutes-prior reminder set, and this cannot be altered.

Setting an reminder on Microsoft 365 appointments

For the appointment type you want to set a reminder on, go to the workflow tab, and click "Convert to Workflow" if you haven't done so already. This will allow you to directly edit the workflow, and change the settings of the actions.

Now find the Create an event in the scheduled user's Microsoft 365 calendar action in the When the client schedules their appointment trigger. Click it to edit its settings.

Enter the amount of time before the appointment that you wish to have the reminder, and click Save Changes.

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