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Tutorial: Skipping status updates on closed tickets
Tutorial: Skipping status updates on closed tickets

Configuring TimeZest to skip status updates on closed tickets

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TimeZest has the ability to skip status updates of tickets when the ticket is closed.

Previously, and particularly when moving tickets to the configured No-Response status, TimeZest would not check whether the ticket was open or closed. This situation worked fine for our customers who wanted the "No response" response status to signal that the customer was no longer interested in the problem, or had resolved it.

Other customers wanted the No-Response status to signal that special attention was needed, but this could lead to TimeZest re-opening a ticket when it had been legitimately closed elsewhere.

Now you can configure TimeZest to check if a ticket is closed, and only make the status update if it is not.

Configuring TimeZest to Check for Closed Tickets

For the appointment type you want to change the behavior of, go to the workflow tab, and click "Convert to Workflow" if you haven't done so already. This will allow you to directly edit the workflow, and change the settings of the actions.

Then find the appropriate Update the status of a ConnectWise PSA ticket or Update the status of an Autotask ticket action, and click it to open it. Choose the behavior you want for the Skip If Closed control, and click Save Changes

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