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Tutorial: Changing the Calendar Invite Location
Tutorial: Changing the Calendar Invite Location

New possibilities for the Location field to streamline appointments.

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TimeZest you to customize the Location field of the calendar invite it sends to clients. Until now, this field was either blank, or it could be configured to use the value of a custom attribute (e.g. the WebEx personal conference room URL) of the scheduled user.

We've now added functionality to customize the Location field to make it more flexible. This tutorial shows you some of the possibilities.

Editing the calendar invite Location

For the appointment type you want to change the Location for, go to the workflow tab, and click Convert to Workflow if you haven't done so already. This will allow you to directly edit the workflow, and change the settings of the actions.

To change the Location of the calendar invite sent to the user, find the Send an email to the client using a template action in the When the client schedules an appointment trigger, and click it to open it.

In the Location field, you can now edit it and interpolate variables to exactly control what is added to the users' calendar.

To add a custom attribute, as is currently possible, press Shift + { and select the custom attribute from the list that appears. You can filter it by entering a few characters.

Alternatively, you could enter a fixed text value - one of our clients uses this when using TimeZest to book interviews with job applicants, which they like to conduct at a local café.

If the appointment is to take place as a phone call, and you've configured the appointment type to ask for a phone number, you can put this into the Location field:

You could also use the Location field for the online meeting URL, where the appointment will take place as one. Simply insert the appropriate variable (remember, send the Client URL to the client, not the technician URL. They can be different!)

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