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Tutorial: Adding a reminder to appointments in ConnectWise PSA
Tutorial: Adding a reminder to appointments in ConnectWise PSA

Set a reminder on activities/schedule entries in ConnectWise PSA.

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TimeZest has just added the ability to set reminders on the activities and schedule entries it creates in ConnectWise PSA. This article will show you how to do that with an existing appointment type.

To be clear, the reminders here are for the technician or dispatcher using ConnectWise PSA, not the end user. TimeZest can send appointment reminders to the end user as well, but you'll be wanting this tutorial instead for instructions.

Adding a reminder

For the appointment type you want to set a reminder on, go to the workflow tab, and click "Convert to Workflow" if you haven't done so already. This will allow you to directly edit the workflow, and change the settings of the actions.

Now find the When the client schedules their appointment trigger, and look for either the Create a schedule entry in ConnectWise PSA or Create an activity in ConnectWise PSA (depending on the type of appointment you had TimeZest configured to create in ConnectWise PSA):

Click on the action to open it, and see its settings:

Simply select the length of time before the appointment you wish to have a reminder, and select Save Changes. You'll now see that created schedule entries / activities in ConnectWise PSA have an reminder set on them.

The list of reminder times is actually set and managed in ConnectWise PSA, in the Schedule / Reminder Times setup table. If you wish to change the defaults, you can edit that setup table.

It's possible that you didn't grant TimeZest access to this setup table when you originally created the security role for TimeZest, since we didn't need this access, and didn't ask for it. In this case, you'll see a notice like the following:

To fix this, as a ConnectWise PSA administrator, go to System > Security Roles, then click Customize next to the Table Setup permission in the System section. IN the dialog box that appears, ensure Scheduling / Reminder Times is in the Allow Access to these column:

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