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Tutorial: Recording Reminders Sent in Ticket Notes
Tutorial: Recording Reminders Sent in Ticket Notes
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A feature which has been requested for TimeZest is that it records a note against a ticket when it sends a reminder to clients who haven't scheduled, thus providing a full record of all interactions with the client on the ticket.

With TimeZest's workflows, it's now possible to configure this functionality. This tutorial will show you how.

Create an Appointment Type

For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll create a new appointment type so you can actually build this functionality without affecting your existing operations. Once you've seen how it's done, you can make the modifications to any existing appointment types you have.

Logged into TimeZest as an administrator, click on Appointment Types, then New Appointment Type.

Give the new appointment type a name, ensure Create a new appointment type with default values is selected, and click Create Appointment Type.

By default, TimeZest creates new appointment types in classic mode, which means that it manages the triggers and actions of the workflow, allowing you to use the familiar interface to configure TimeZest. For this appointment type, we want to change the appointment type into workflow mode, so that we can directly edit the triggers and actions.

Click on the Workflow tab, then Switch to Workflow Mode, and then click Confirm in the confirmation dialog which appears.

You'll now be able to edit the workflow directly.

Adding a "Create Note" action to the reminder trigger

Find the reminder trigger, which looks like this:

By default, TimeZest creates a single reminder that sends an email to a client when they haven't scheduled an appointment 24 hours after they first received the email asking them to select a time.

To get TimeZest to write a note to the ticket, we'll add a new "Add a note to a (Autotask/ConnectWise PSA) ticket" action. Do this by selecting that in the dropdown box just under the "Send an email" action, and click "Add New Action":

Select the default text in the Note Content field and press delete to remove it. Now type the following in (without the quotation marks):

"TimeZest has sent an email to "

At this point, we want to insert a variable which TimeZest will replace with the name of the client when it creates the note. To insert a variable, press Shift + { then select "Client Full Name" from the list, and press Enter to insert it. Now add the rest of the text (again without the quotation marks):

" reminding them to select a time for their appointment"

In Autotask, which supports note titles, you can edit the note title to something like "Reminder Sent".

Finally, click Save Changes. This will save the new action, and TimeZest will start executing it.

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