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Action: Send Email using a Template
Action: Send Email using a Template

A workflow action to send emails using an email template.

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The Send Email using Template action can send an email to either the client or the scheduled user(s) on a scheduling request, using an existing email template.

This action is available in all TimeZest accounts.

Configuration Options

This action has the following configuration options:

The recipient option controls who TimeZest sends the email to: either the client, the client and any invited guests, or the scheduled users.

The template option selects the template that TimeZest will use to construct the email. These can be configured in the Email Settings section of TimeZest.

The calendar invite controls if TimeZest generates and attaches a calendar invite to the email it sends. We recommend not using a calendar invite when sending emails to scheduled users, because it can cause double booking in ConnectWise PSA and Autotask when calendar sync functionality is enabled.

The calendar template controls the contents of the calendar invite, which is used by some email/calendar systems (for example, G Suite) when adding the invitation to the calendar. It is not used by Outlook / Office 365, which uses the content of the email instead.

The location field setting controls if TimeZest uses a custom attribute in the "Location" field of the generated calendar invite. This can be used to include things like GoTo Meeting room URLs for the scheduled user when they are configured using custom attributes.

Additional Logic

This action will be skipped if it is configured to send to the scheduled users, but the scheduled users are not know (e.g. before the user has selected a time.)

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