The Update Phone Number on an Autotask contact action updates the phone number of a contact in Autotask with a number provided by the client.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to Autotask.

Configuration Options

This action does not have any configuration options. To disable updating the contact in Autotask, remove it from the workflow.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip this action if there is no Autotask contact associated with the scheduling request.

TimeZest will skip this action if the client does not enter a phone number. This can be made optional or required in the Fields section of the appointment type configuration.

TimeZest will attempt to determine if the phone number looks like a plausible phone number, based on the settings for the country configured in the Account & Billing section of TimeZest, and only update the contact when it is. For example, when this is set to the United States, TimeZest will reject phone numbers with less than 10 digits.

TimeZest will also skip this action if your plan does not include this feature.

TimeZest will skip this action if no Autotask integration is connected to your TimeZest account.

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