The Update Primary Resource of an Autotask Ticket action simply updates the primary resource of an Autotask ticket to the first scheduled user (that uses Autotask as their calendar to write appointments to). If this user is currently a secondary resource for the ticket, they will be removed as the secondary resource, and made the primary resource for the ticket.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to Autotask.

Configuration Options

This action does not have any configurable options.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip executing this action in the following cases:

  • When no scheduled users have been determined for the scheduling request (i.e. prior to the client selecting a time).

  • When the scheduled user does not have a valid service desk role assigned, as this is required by Autotask.

  • When there is no Autotask ticket associated with the scheduling request, as ConnectWise Manage requires one to create a ticket.

  • When no Autotask ticket is associated with the scheduling request.

  • When no Autotask integration is configured.

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