Action: Create an Autotask Service Call

A workflow action to create a Service Call in Autotask.

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The Create an Autotask Service Call action creates a service call in the Autotask calendars of those scheduled users who have Autotask set as their calendar for TimeZest to write appointments to.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to Autotask.

Configuration Options

This action can be configured with the following options:

The resource assignment option determines whether TimeZest sets the scheduled user (the first if there are multiple) as the primary or secondary resource on the Autotask ticket when creating the service call.

The status dropdown controls the status of the created service call. The values for this dropdown are drawn from the list of service call statuses in the service desk (tickets) admin settings.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip executing this action if no scheduled users have Autotask configured as their calendar to write appointments to.

Time Zest will also skip executing this action if an Autotask integration is no longer connected to TimeZest.

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