The Move Service Ticket to a Board and Status action moves a ticket to a specific board, and a status configured for that board. Because statuses are scoped to boards in ConnectWise Manage, it's not possible to move a ticket to just a status.

This action is available when your TimeZest account is connected to ConnectWise Manage.

Configuration Options

This action can be configured with the following options:

The board dropdown specifies the board that TimeZest will move the ticket to. This is drawn from the list of service boards in ConnectWise Manage.

The status dropdown specifies the status that TimeZest will move the ticket to. The values for this field depend on the value selected for the board dropdown, and are drawn from the list of statuses configured for that board in ConnectWise Manage.

Additional Logic

TimeZest will skip this action if there is no ticket associated with the scheduling request.

TimeZest will also check that the configured status exists before updating the ticket, and that the status is active, and will skip updating the service ticket if either of those conditions is true.

TimeZest will also skip this action if there is no ConnectWise Manage integration connected to your TimeZest account.

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