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How to include a TimeZest URL in an email you're already sending.
How to include a TimeZest URL in an email you're already sending.

If you're already writing to a customer, you can include a TimeZest email instead of sending an invitation separately.

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Normally, when you click the "Ask client to schedule" button in the TimeZest pod, TimeZest will handle all the communication with the client: it'll send them an email inviting them to pick a time for their appointment, add a note to the ticket and update the ticket status.

But sometimes, you're already writing an email or note that goes to the client, and you'd like to include the scheduling link in that email. TimeZest supports this using its "Generate scheduling URL" feature.

Note: To see the "Generate scheduling URL" option, click on the ellipsis icon at the right of the "Ask client to schedule" part of the button.

When you use the "Generate scheduling URL" option in the TimeZest pod or insight, TimeZest will generate a URL which clients can use to schedule for a particular ticket. This URL will respect all the same parameters - the appointment type, the resource, the associated ticket, and any options set in the "Advanced Options" panel.

The Generated URL will be copied to your clipboard so you can paste it where you need it. If you copy something else to your clipboard or need to retrieve it in the future, you can do this by using the Actions menu in the pod/insight.

Important: Unlike with normal scheduling, using the "Generate Scheduling URL" feature only generates the scheduling URL for use. TimeZest does not:

  • send an email to the client

  • update the status of the ticket

  • write a note to the ticket

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