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Scheduling Agreed Upon Appointments for a Client
Scheduling Agreed Upon Appointments for a Client

Use TimeZest's Generate URL feature to send confirmation of an agreed-upon appointment time to your client.

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Sometimes being able to schedule a meeting for a pre-determined appointment time can be a valuable resource. Using this tip, you can select an available time and send the client a confirmation email in real time.

Key use ideas:

  1. Follow-Up Sessions: schedule a follow-up session in real-time while the client can confirm their schedule.

  2. Intake Calls: A coordinator can schedule an appointment with a resource or team in real time while gathering details from the client.

  3. First Touch Calls: When a tech receives a ticket not already scheduled, if the client is unable to discuss the issue at that time, they can confirm a time that would work and send confirmation immediately.


  • It is important to ensure your client has confirmed this time works for them to avoid no-shows, confusion, and rescheduling. TimeZest is unable to review your client's calendar for conflicts.

Generate Scheduling URL

  • Select the Resource, Appointment Type.

  • Select the arrow icon next to Ask client to schedule.

  • Generate scheduling URL

TimeZest will keep a running log of TimeZest scheduled appointments within the pod/insight, including generated scheduling URLs.

Tip: The generated link is stored under the ellipsis icon for that scheduling request.

Schedule the Appointment

  • Simply open a new browser and paste the link that has been generated and automatically copied to your clipboard within a new browser window.

  • Select the date and time agreed upon with your client.

  • TimeZest will now confirm the appointment for both the technician and client, send confirmation emails, and update the ticket and status.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the chatbox to the right or at [email protected].

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